Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Herbal Products for Kitty

By Renske Buursma

Many cat lovers want to pamper kitties with natural, holistic herbal products instead of conventional store brands or even at times, costly veterinary medicine. The herbal practitioner focuses on natural diets and lifestyles as the preferred foundation for your cat’s optimum health and age for your cat. Here are tips to help with choosing herbal products for kitty:

1) Herbal products and treatments like those for treating and preventing health issues for pets, feature natural products from the environment instead of man-made materials and medicines.

2) Many herbal products for pets are offered in either liquid or powder forms. You puy them and then either mix the products with food, give them to your pet with a dropper or syringe, or you can mix it with liquid like water.

3) There are herbal products that act as treatments for a variety of ailments and chronic conditions, some that are vitamins for promoting good health, some for dental care, for relieving constipation and other medical conditions. There are also herbal products for cats that have allergies, and cats that needs calming – like before heading off to see the veterinarian, pet groomer or before traveling in cars or airplanes. OYu can also find herbal products to help with vision care, and teeth and gum cleaning.

4) Try a herbal purifier to detoxify your cat’s system, relieve your cat’s diarrhea and help with soft stool issues and diarrhea relief. Try digestive relief herbal products for upset stomachs or weak digestive systems with your kitty. And check out gas relief herbal products to help with digestion, to relieve inflammation (of digestive tracts) and to help with intestinal issues, gas pain and pressure.

5) For itch relief, try skin and coat herbal products. And for joint pain and inflammation plus good circulation, seek out herbal products for joints.

6) To help with nausea, vomiting or diarrhea due to motion sickness, seek out herbal products for motion sickness relief. To help kill parasites and aid your kitties’ digestive system, seek out help from herbal products to help, too.

7) Check into getting Echinachea in herbal form to help your pet’s immune system and to help fight off infection.

Regardless of your pet’s situation, when in doubt, ask first. And make sure to read directions thoroughly before giving herbal treatments and other products to your pet. Always think safety first for your pet!

About the Author: Renske Buursma, pet store owner with lots of helpful articles and a free newsletter about pet care at

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