Friday, April 25, 2008

Reiki Therapy Should Make Your Cat Purr

by David Bates

Reiki is derived from the ancient Eastern form of energy therapy which has now become accepted in the West as a legitimate form of alternative medicine. Although normally associated with the treatment of humans it has grown in popularity as an option for treating pets especially cats that seem ideally suited to this form of therapy.

Vets, who are legally the first port of call for sick pets, have become increasingly willing to refer owners to reiki practitioners when they are asked.

Cats often receive regular grooming and become used to and enjoy being touched, this makes them suitable when any treatment involves being physically touched by the therapist. If your cat does not enjoy being touched by strangers many therapists will use a non "hands-on" approach. The reiki energy can be transferred by the therapist if they place their hands just above the appropriate healing points. Reiki can even be administered from a distance where the therapist is not even in the same room, this is particularly useful in the case of nervous cats fearful of strangers and even those that may be old and fragile.

Cats seem to enjoy the experience of reiki and appreciate the flow of healing energy they receive from the treatment and will react very well to it.They enjoy the informal atmosphere and will often receive treatment relaxing in their owners lap.

Reiki for your cat is a gentle non invasive, powerful type of healing, it can help your cat bringing about balance which can help to boost their immune system, it gives them energy to recover after an illness or operation It can just be a calm and relaxing experience. which can also help stressed and nervous animals or those with behavioral problems. Reiki treatment is very successful in treating muscular aches and pains , back problems and strains. It will reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness and enhance the skin or coat of your pet. A reiki session for most animals usually takes about 30 minutes, but this will depend on the nature of the problem your cat is suffering, often one treatment can be enough, or further treatments may be necessary these will usually be shorter.

It is worth remembering that i f you intend using Reiki therapy for your cat that, in the UK , any sick animal must be taken to a vet, so a ny reiki therapist working with animals will need a referral from a veterinary surgeon in order to treat your pet legally.

David Bates is a complementary therapy specialist from the UK ; he has an interest in several natural therapy sites including:

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