Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Cat is not Eating and I Need Help!

By David Faulkner

If the cat is not eating the cat health, some time’s becomes poor. The reasons vary as to why a cat may not eat properly, but for the most part, a healthy cat will eat and remain in good health. A cat that does not eat may have some sort of health problem that prevent the cat from eating or reduces the appetite. Sometimes cats have
health problems that cause this type of problem such as digestive tract problems, tumors or infections. These problems need medical attention.

A psychological problem similar to what people have is anorexia. Cats also develop this problem for other reasons than what people do, but the results are the same. I cat who does not eat needs to be under the care of a veterinarian to receive the proper care. In most cases, this condition results from another medical condition.

Some Causes That Account for the Cat not Eating

Although it is thought that cats can have signs of anorexia, there may be other reasons why cat health and not eating happen. Any conditions such as painful teeth, sore mouths or throat, tumors, kidney or blood disease and skin problems along with eye problems can result in cat health problems for not eating. As we discover more about our cats, we see that fear of pain is their only problem. For more info see on Health Persian Cat Problem.

Cats also do not like change and will sometimes refuse to eat because they do not like the food. Some cats become so finicky that they refuse to move to a new place in the house to eat. A new pet may cause the cat to go into hiding, causing them not to come out to eat or go to the litter box. Cats need reassurance and then they can overcome any cat health eating problems and sometimes a visit to the vet may be required.

Treatments for Cat Health not Eating Problems

One treatment is more or less psychological. You need to remove the problem, if not health related, in order to get the cat to eat. If you have a new pet, get them together and once they get used to each other the problem should be resolved. There must be a solution to the problem and with a little thinking of when the problem started, you can correct the problem.

If the cat health not eating problems are medical, you need to seek medical care to correct the problem that causes a lack of appetite. This might include medication, surgery or placing the cat on a new and healthier diet. If your cat has no medical problems, the vet may introduce intravenous feeding to help bring the cat back to health. You may have to hand feed the cat in order to establish a healthy eating routine.

Not all cats come this finicky, but some breeds are worst than others. If you need help, a vet will offer suggestions for treatment even if the cat health not eating problem appears to only be psychological and not medical.

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