Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why You Should Consider Herbal Products For Your Cat

By: Greg Hall

Cat owners everywhere are choosing to pamper their loving feline companions with all-natural herbal products instead of conventional veterinary medicine. The holistic philosophy teaches that a natural diet and lifestyle are best for sustaining a healthy, long life. Herbal holistic medicine was popularized for use in people, but it didn't take long for cat lovers to begin taking care of their feline friends in the same manner. Herbal products are being successfully employed to treat and prevent health issues targeting cats. Holistic treatment utilizes natural products from our environment instead of synthetic medications. It also treats the animal as whole, as opposed to focusing on one specific area at a time.

Herbal products to take care of your cat typically come in liquid or powder forms. You can mix the product with food, feed it to your pet with a dropper, or mix it in their water dish. Herbal products exist for every ailment and chronic condition your cat might face. There are also herbal products which serve as vitamins to promote general health for your cat. Holistic veterinary practitioners have discovered herbal remedies for your cat for everything from dental hygiene to intestinal health.

For example, if your cat suffers from anxiety when going to the vet or traveling in the car or any other potentially stressful events, there are herbal products which will soothe and relax it. If your cat suffers from allergies, there are herbal products designed to ward of the symptoms. There are herbs for your cat to help it maintain healthy teeth and clean gums. For upset stomachs and digestion problems, give your cat an herbal product made just for such issues. Herbal products will aid their digestion, relieve gastro-intestinal inflammation, and improve their bowel movements. Tonics are available which will stop chronic vomiting. To make sure your cat has healthy eyes, you can find herbal products to help their vision. Herbal remedies exist to help your cat deal with the itching, swelling, and pain from the bites and stings. Herbal products for the skin and fur maintain coat health and decrease shedding. If your cat has joint pain and inflammation or circulatory problems, there's relief in the form of an herbal product made just for such issues. Even the seemingly unavoidable hairballs can be eliminated with laxatives and all-natural organic herbs.

Aging cats can be rejuvenated with herbal remedies. An herbal remedy which targets the thyroid gland can help when your cat has become chronically sluggish. These remedies will make your cat more alert and lively. Such herbal products also improve their coats and will address weight issues. Since overweight cats have more health problems, keep your cat slim with an herbal product designed to help them lose weight. Cats commonly experience urinary difficulties, and there are herbal products which will relieve them of such troubles. Another issue commonly afflicting older cats are joint problems. Have no fear, there's an herbal product for your cat which will have her springing onto countertops in no time.

So you may be wondering what exactly is in all these new-fangled herbal remedies. Well, being all-natural you have nothing to fear. These medicines contain well-known ingredients such as dandelion, milk thistle, garlic, echinacea, and gingko. People have been taking these so-called new remedies for centuries, and now you can give them to your cat. In addition to herbs, these holistic products may also employ mineral products such as silicon dioxide, which is a natural dewormer and gets rid of other parasites as well. Another interesting substance employed by holistic veterinarians is lignite. Lignite is a by-product of the coal industry which is not only safe for you cat, but it serves as a detoxifier that helps your cat eliminate harmful chemicals. Contact a holistic veterinarian for further information to find out more about improving and maintaining your cat's health with holistic herbal remedies and nutritional supplements.

About the Author:Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as feline herbal products at

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